AM10 HotWok Real Transparent Background

Machine Configuration

  • Hydraulic Thumb 
  • Swing Boom 
  • Hydraulic Cooler with Fan 
  • Auxiliary Connection
  • Hydraulic Side Controls – Mechanical
  • Hydraulic Safety Switch (Hydraulic Lock) 
  • KOOP KD192FE (Air Cooled – Diesel Engine) 
  • Grease Track Tensioning 
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Protectors 
  • ROPS with Steel Canopy
  • Warning / Safety Light 
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Bright LED Work light on Boom with Steel Protector 

AM10 MAchines are currently on the way!
30% deposit (FULLY REFUNDABLE) required to secure your machine!
- 4x Yellow/Grey + 2x Grey/Grey.

AM10 - HotWok Edition - Render Example - Yellow
AM10 - HotWok Edition - Render Example - Grey
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AM10 - HotWok Edition - Render Example - Yellow
AM10 - HotWok Edition - Render Example - Grey
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AM10 – HotWok Edition | 1.0t Mini Excavator

The  AM10 – HotWok Edition is a compact powerhouse designed to deliver efficiency and precision. With a machine-only price of  $11,990 inc. GST and a package price of  $12,990 inc. GST, this mini excavator offers exceptional value for both budget-conscious buyers and professionals seeking reliable performance.  

The configuration of this machine has been meticulously curated by Affordable Machinery, drawing from extensive trials and customer feedback. We are confident that the chosen configuration strikes the perfect balance of quality, features, and value. 

Why pay an additional $3,500 for a Japanese engine? The Laidong and KOOP diesel engines are proven workhorses, simple to maintain, and cost-effective to repair or replace if necessary. Considering they primarily power the hydraulic pump, these engines are likely to outlive the machines themselves when properly maintained. 

The AM10 – HotWok Edition combines innovation, durability, and versatility. 

Invest in a mini excavator that works as hard as you do! 

Key Features

Swing Boom for Enhanced Manoeuvrability

The AM10 features a swing boom, allowing operators to pivot the arm effortlessly. Whether navigating tight spaces or requiring precise positioning, this feature ensures maximum flexibility. Manoeuvre around obstacles, dig trenches, and load materials with ease.

Hydraulic Thumb for Secure Handling

The hydraulic thumb provides a strong grip on objects, making it ideal for picking up debris, rocks, or logs. Securely hold items during excavation, reducing the risk of accidental drops. Say goodbye to manual handling – the hydraulic thumb streamlines your workflow.

Expanding Tracks for Terrain Adaptability

The AM10’s expanding tracks allow easy adjustment of the track width. Narrow them for tight spaces or expand them for stability on uneven ground. Whether working on soft soil or rocky terrain, these tracks ensure optimal traction and prevent slippage.

KOOP KD192FE Diesel Engine for Power and Efficiency

Under the hood, the AM10 boasts a reliable KOOP KD192FE single-cylinder, air-cooled diesel engine. Expect robust performance, fuel efficiency, and minimal emissions. Tackle excavation tasks without compromise, knowing that this engine delivers power when you need it most.

Protection / Safety 

LED Work-Light: (High Quality LED, Boom Mounted, Steel Protector) 

Hydraulic Cylinder Protectors - (Steel) 

Fire Extinguisher 

STRONG, Certified ROPS: (quick removal) 


Plastic Hose Protection Wrap: (All exposed Hoses) 

Track Adjustment Covers - (Steel) 

Canopy/FOPS: (Steel Canopy) 

Hydraulics / Controls 

Hydraulic Pump Type: Gear Pump 

Control Position: Side 

Control Type: Mechanical 

Hydraulic Safety Cutout Switch: All BUT Travel Motors 

Hydraulic Filter: In-Line, Pressure/Return  

Key Components 

Swing Motor: Liwo   

Hydraulic Pump: Shimadzu 

Primary Hydraulic Valve Distribution Bank: Beifang   

Pilot Distribution Valves: Beifang   

Pilot Control Joystick: Beifang   


Cup Holder 

Machine-mounted Adjustable Armrests 

Rubber Boots on all Controls/Levers 

Alloy Foot Control Pedals: (High Quality) 


Engine Power: 7kw/3000rpm 

Maximum Digging Depth: 1630 mm 

Maximum Dumping Height: 1960 mm 

Hydraulic System Pressure Setting: 16Mpa 

Hydraulic System Flow Rate: 1.116 L/CC 

Dozer Blade Width and Height: 1100 mm x 292 mm 

Track Size: 180x72x37 

Telescopic Track Width/Range: 900-1100 mm 

Machine Width: 930 mm 

Track Length: 1090 mm 

Track Width: 180 mm 

Track Height: 320 mm 

Swing Speed: 10.5 rpm 

Travel Speed: 2.5km/h   

Engine: KOOP KD192F

Warranty and Support Terms:

Warranty Terms for Excavators 

Parts Warranty: All excavators come with a 12-month parts warranty. During this period, if any part fails due to manufacturing defects, it will be replaced at no cost to the customer. 

Parts and Labour Warranty: For a full 12 months from the date of purchase, parts and labour are covered if the machine is returned to the place of purchase. The customer is responsible for the return shipping costs, but all repairs will be completed free of charge. 

Customer Assistance Requirement: In the event of an issue, customers are required to assist Affordable Machinery in determining the root cause. This may involve providing detailed information, videos, photos, or examples of the issue. This cooperation is essential to ensure that the correct warranty parts are provided, and that the manufacturer’s advice and approval are obtained to maintain the warranty. 

Warranty Exclusions: The warranty does not cover maintenance items, wear components, or consumables such as filters, spark plugs, oils, fuel, cutting edges, bucket teeth, tires, pins, bushings, and tracks. Additionally, the warranty will not cover damages resulting from improper maintenance or use, the use of non-recommended fluids, oils, or coolants, accidental damage, or acts of nature. 

Maintenance and Usage Reminder:  

While warranties provide protection, the longevity and performance of the equipment heavily depend on proper maintenance, adherence to operational guidelines, and responsible usage. 

Consumer Rights: These warranty terms are supplementary to the consumer rights under Australian consumer law and do not replace or limit them in any way. Consumers are entitled to their rights independent of these warranty terms. 

Please note that responsible usage and adherence to the manufacturer’s guidelines are crucial for ensuring the longevity of your equipment and minimizing the need for repairs. Proper maintenance is key to making the most of your investment. 

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