HIGHTOP HT10 - 1.0 Ton Mini Excavator Package

All you need to get those back breaking jobs done with ease!

Hightop HT10 - Mini Excavator Package

Machine Configuration:

1.0 Ton Operating Weight

Swing Boom

All Black Colour

Hydraulic Thumb (for grabbing)

Direct Hydraulic Side Pilot Joysticks

Double Main Hydraulic Pump

KOOP 192 Engine

4 Post ROPS/FOPS Canopy

Many common parts available in stock, including tracks and maintenance items. 
  • Warranty parts are directly express posted.

Package Extras:

Quick Hitch


200mm Trenching Bucket

400mm Digging Bucket

800mm Mud Bucket

Auger Drive

200mm + 300mm Auger Drills

BONUS: Rain Cover and Filter Kit!
*12 month part replacement warranty against any significant manufacturer design or production defect.
  • Loading ramps (2.5m, 2.0t rated) also in stock!

Promotional Overview Video

The Hightop HT10 Mini Excavator package delivers power and performance in a compact size to help you work in a wide range of applications. Treat yourself today and grab one while they’re still in stock!
  • Do you own a small acreage and want to shape it to suit your needs?
  • Do you do odd jobs and are tired of breaking your back?
  • Have you always wanted your own digger and have found them to be a bit too expensive to justify?
  • Have you rented a machine and felt rushed to get the job done?
You’re probably in the right place!

There are plenty of sources on the internet which provide advice on Chinese machines. 

A good example is here, which gives extensive considerations. 


Our first experience importing as an individual and only a single item was cause enough to use our gained knowledge, experience and connections to assist others in procuring the machines they really want for prices they can afford.
(No “hidden” port costs or “secret” forwarded charges from the source to hold your investment at ransom!)

If you want to avoid the complex and risky process of self-importing a machine, we are here to help. In most cases, the products we sell could not be imported cheaper as a single item (including our profit).  This is due to our direct manufacturer relationships, full direct containers to ourselves in Tasmania and our low overheads. 
*To ensure the best possible customer experience and after-sales service, we are currently focused on 1.0t – 2.0t machines.
Larger machines may be ordered upon negotiation, and will require a significant portion of the total deposited upfront. 

Machine Videos

Machine Specifications

1. Engine: KOOP-192 engine, single-cylinder air cooled, 12HP, 8.6KW. (very simple maintanaince)
2. Double hydraulic pump (gear pump) is easy to maintain with long lifespan.
3. Strong lift and dig performance helps you get the job done faster.
4. Direct Hydraulic Side Pilot Controls (less effort, more accurate)

5. Hydraulic Thumb (for grabbing)
6. Swing Boom (access tighter places)
7. 4 Post ROPS/FOPS Canopy (with steel roof)
8. Solid Steel Construction (very durable, longer lasting)


Why keep hiring a 1.7t and rushing the job, when you can get your very own digger and use it at your leisure! Feather your nest and make that property your own. – if you’re one to  look back at a freshly cut lawn, just imagine the feeling walking away from your new machine with a grin!


The capability of this little machine will likely exceed your expectations and the ROPS/FOPS (roll-over protection/falling object protection) is there, along with a  seatbelt to assist with safety. 

Photo Gallery

Machine Parameters


Overall dimension( LxWxH)

2770x930x1890 mm


910 mm

Total length of track


Platform ground clearance

380 mm

Platform back turning radius

784 mm

Chassis width

896 mm

Track width

180 mm

Chassis ground clearance

132 mm

Track height

320 mm


Max. Digging depth

1650 mm

Max. Vertical digging depth

1375 mm

Max. Digging height

2610 mm

Max. Dumping height

1850 mm

Max. Digging radius on ground

2850 mm

Min. Rotation radius

1330 mm

Max. Upgrade height of bulldozer blade

345 mm

Max. Digging depth of bulldozer blade

255 mm